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The steel prices below reflect mill prices for master coils (typically 60" wide). This does not include mill charges to maintain specific Rockwell, hardness or finish specifications.

The price also does not include charges from service centers to slit the steel and perform other operations. The master coils must be slit to the end user specifications, (for example, the service center will slit the master coils to smaller coils 1.5" wide). For example, when the benchmark is showing steel at $30 CWT ($0.30/lb) the end user would typically be paying $38 - $40 CWT ($0.38-$0.40/lb) depending on the processing required by the service center, the volume of material being purchased by the end user, and the specifications of the material.

These prices also do not include freight from the processing center to the end user.

These prices are provided as a benchmark to show cold rolled steel market trends. Since the primary material used in the manufacturing of drawer slides is cold rolled steel, decreases and increases in steel price have a significant impact on the cost of goods sold and the selling price of drawer slides.

All Houck 100, 150, 200, 500, 950 and 1209 drawer slides are made and assembled in America using domestic suppliers.

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