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Universal Replacement Side Mount Epoxy Drawer Slide Replacement Kits

To order or for more information call 812-663-5675

Distributor discounts available.

Save time and money shopping around for the right length or style of replacement slides for your kitchen or bathroom. These universal replacements will replace all standard epoxy or Euro style 3/4 extension drawer slides 250mm - 600mm long that use the standard 1/2" side to side clearance (drawer box must be 1" narrower than the cabinet opening).

The drawer track and cabinet track of these slides are manufactured with special hole patterns to allow them to be cut to any length down to 250mm.

If you are looking for a simple, functional set of drawer slides to replace your worn or broken Euro style side mount epoxy slides, call or order today.


  • 100 lbs load capacity (ANSI/BHMA A156.9-2001)
  • Manufactured with cold rolled 19 gage (.042" nominal) steel
  • ¾ extension
  • Drawer track designed for side and bottom mounting
  • Dual captured cabinet tracks and floating wheels to allow for standard mill working tolerances
  • Molded acetyl wheels for durability and smooth, quiet motion
  • Baked non-toxic white epoxy finish
  • Side clearance ½"
  • Cabinet and drawer member mounting #6 x ½" FHP
  • Made in USA
  • Can be cut to any length using a hacksaw, bandsaw, chopsaw or jigsaw.
  • Can be used for faceframe and frameless installation
  • Will replace any Euro or Epoxy slides that use the industry standard 1/2" (+/- 1/32") side clearance and 3/32" bottom clearance.
  • No self-close
  • Kits come poly-bagged one kit per bag.

Included in universal replacement kit:

  • One set of 600mm white epoxy Euro style drawer slides that can be cut to any length 250mm - 600mm
  • One pair of rear mounting brackets for faceframe installation
  • 10 pieces of #6 wood screws
  • Installation instructions

universal replacement slides epoxy slides

Installation information:

replacement drawer slides

There are several ways to measure, cut and install the universal replacement slides:

Method 1:

Remove old slides from the cabinet and drawer box. Cut the universal replacement slides to the same length as the old cabinet and drawer slides. Install the universal replacement drawer members on the drawer box. Install the universal replacement cabinet members on the cabinet insuring they are level. Insert the drawer box. Note: it is recommended that the drawer members must be cut a minimum of 1/2 longer than the drawer box.

Method 2:

Measure your cabinet depth (for face frame cabinets measure from the front of the faceframe). Cut the cabinet members 1/16" shorter than your cabinet depth.

Measure your drawer box length. Cut drawer members a minimum of 1/2" longer than your drawer box. Drawer members can be cut up to more than 1/2" longer than the drawer box to achieve more extension, but cannot be longer than the cabinet members.

Remove old drawer slides. Install the universal replacement drawer members on the drawer box. Install the universal replacement cabinet members on the cabinet insuring they are level. Insert the drawer box.


When replacing drawer slides with plug-in brackets that are attached to a 1/8" back board, installer may have to attach a nailer board to the back of the cabinet to attach the rear mounting brackets using wood screws. The use of wood screws to attach the rear mounting brackets to a 1/8" back board is not recommended.

The rear mounting brackets allow an additional 1" of adjustment to the length of the cabinet members.

Touch-up paint can be used to cover the exposed metal after cutting off the slides. This is not necessary for the operation of the slides and is only for cosmetic purposes.

Universal Replacements Installation Instructions PDF File

All Houck 100, 150, 200, 500, 950 and 1209 drawer slides are made and assembled in America using domestic suppliers.

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