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About Our Company:

Houck Industries was the innovator of the four-point suspension system designed for the kitchen cabinet industry. Over fifty years ago the company founder, Mel Houck, invented and started manufacturing and selling the GO-EZ drawer guide system in Tulare, California. The slides were originally sold by "Mel Houck Products". In 1959, Mel Houck incorporated "Houck Industries" in Tulare County, California.

This innovation of design has been carried on with the development and design of drawer slides and storage systems to meet the continuing design and manufacturing changes expected by Cabinet Manufacturers. Houck Industries drawer slides are tested according to ANSI/BMHA standards. Houck Industries manufacturing facility and headquarters are located in Greensburg, Indiana.

As a leading American manufacturer of drawer slides and storage systems, Houck has built a reputation of exceptional design, not only in appearance and function, but also in features that provide efficiency in installation to reduce the installed cost. Customization of products to meet the special and unique needs of the customer is the foundation of Houck's selling and manufacturing philosophy. All of Houck's 100, 150, 200, 500, 950 and 1209 series drawer slides and storage systems are proudly Made in USA.

Mid Market Program:

If your company is a small or custom cabinet manufacturer and larger hardware suppliers are not addressing your company's specific manufacturing needs contact Houck Industries. Houck's staff is prepared to work with you to provide custom length and configurations to make your cabinets stand out from the rest.

Homeowner Program:

Homeowners needing to purchase replacement slides or new slides for their kitchen cabinets can call Houck for technical information, installation support and to place orders. Houck accepts payments by check, money order and major credit cards.

eBay Program:

Houck standard, metic, Euro style and replacement slides, boots and brackets can be purchased from our eBay store for customers that do not have a Houck distributor in their area.

GO-EZ Replacement Slides:

Many kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturing companies used the original "Go-E-Z" drawer slides.

Unlike current undermount slides being sold in the market today, the Houck 500 series "Go-E-Z" drawer slides were truely concealed undermount slides, as both the drawer tracks and the cabinet tracks are "concealed" under the drawer box. The "Go-E-Z" slides also allowed manufactuers to use a larger drawer box as the 500 series does not require the 1/2" side to side clearance (1" total). Our experience has shown that no other drawer slides being sold today will work to replace the "Go-E-Z" 500 series slides without having to modify the drawer boxes or install new ones.

Homeowners that have old copper, bronze or brass colored undermount or concealed drawer slides that have a small 1/2" (.500") wheel on the drawer track may have original Houck GO-EZ (Go-E-Z) drawer slides. Some manufacturers also purchased white power coated Houck 500 series drawer slides. Check the 500 series product information on this website for images that may help to identity your drawer slides. Houck Industries Inc. still manufacturers replacement GO-EZ slides, which are now known as 500 series. Save time and money by ordering replacement slides for your kitchen rather that purchasing new drawer boxes and cabinets.

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Go-Ez 524 522 Universal Replacement Slides


GOEZ GoEz GO-E-Z GO E Z 500 series

All Houck 100, 150, 200, 500, 950 and 1209 drawer slides are made and assembled in America using domestic suppliers.

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