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Determining 1209 System Drawer Box Width

To determine the width of the drawer box to be used with the pilaster system (NOTE - to use this procedure the pilasters MUST be mounted flush with the faceframe on both sides of the cabinet.):

Step A - Measure opening width from the inside of both sides of the face frame or from the inside of both sides of the pilasters if they are installed.
Step B- Subtact a minimum of 1" to the result in Step A (Drawer slide clearance, 1/2" each side. To utilize the floating wheel 9/16" clearance is recommended for a total of 1 1/8" clearance). Using less that 1" will cause the drawer guides to bind when opening and closing.
Step C - Subtract Step B dimension from the Step A dimension.

Step A - Width between face frame is 14". The pilasters will be installed flush with the faceframe, so the width between the pilasters will be 14".
Step B - Subtract 1" - 1 1/8" from 14" = 12 7/8" - 13"
Step C -Recommended drawer box width is between 12 7/8" - 13". Drawer boxes with a width greater than 13" will bind.

Determining 1209 System Drawer Box Length (Recommended)

Subtract a minimum of 1/2" (13mm) from the length of the drawer member. (This is to provide clearance when inserting the drawer box member into the cabinet track member. If clearance is not an issue, drawer box length can be equal to the drawer member length).

Example: 550mm drawer slides. Clearance is not an issue; drawer box length can be 550mm. If clearance is an issue, drawer box length should be less than 537mm.

All Houck 100, 150, 200, 500, 950 and 1209 drawer slides are made and assembled in America using domestic suppliers.

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